Saturday, March 29, 2008

Its the little things that matter

I have been thinking a lot about how blessed my life is and how grateful I am to have found such an amazing guy. Chase is the most loving person I have ever met. He is the most selfless person and always puts others needs before his own. He treats me like a princess and reminds me everyday how much he loves me. Every single time I talk to him on the phone he always says "I love you" before hanging up. Even if he is really busy and tells me he will call me back. It is the little things like that that I am so thankful I have in my life. He cares so much about me and lets me know how special he thinks I am. He always opens the door for me even when I am driving. I have never met someone that is so loving and sincerely kind. He is such a caring person and a REALLY hardworker. Everytime we cuddle he always asks "are you comfortable" He is always asking if I need a drink or some candy (which I need quite often). He has never spoke unkindly to me or never raised his voice at me. He is the most patient person I know and he is very good at handling stressful situations (I dont handle them well at all so we balance each other out with this). His testimony is so strong and he makes me a better person. He always looks to the bright side of things and never lets anything get him down. Every night he sends me a goodnight text, even if we just finished our goodnight phone call. This means a lot to me. When we had only hung out 2 times I told him that I love texting people good night and I love when people do the same. Ever since then, he has never missed a night. I love that he is such a good listener and he can always make me feel better. I appreciate his willingness to do whatever he can for the wedding. He is such a great helper. He will always do what he says and make sure he does everything to the best of his ability. I really admire that about him. Last night I was having a hard time and feeling overloaded with things to get done for our wedding. He was such a great comfort and never got frustrated with me. He hates when I am stressed and so I am trying so hard not to let it catch up with me. However, last night it seemed impossible. I am so thankful that he gave me his shoulder to cry on and that he sat there and listened as I rambled on and on. He is perfect for me. I love him so much and feel so blessed to have my perfect man in my life! I love you Chase!