Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's official... WE ARE ENGAGED!! May 16th is the big day! Chase and I are so excited and have been counting down for quite awhile now. On Friday, we went to the temple and were walking around. My dream has always been to ride in a horse-drawn carriage. We were walking by the pools at the temple and he said to me, "Chelsea, I want to make your dream come true. When we turn this corner, there will be a horse-drawn carriage waiting for us." And there it was! It was perfect. We went on an hour ride through downtown Main street and ended up at the Landmark Restaurant. The billboard said "Welcome Chase and Chelsea" It was so cute! Then we went to his neighborhood. There is a lake in the middle of it with stepping stones that lead to a dock. Each stepping stone had flower pedals and candles on it. The dock had flowers and candles everywhere with sparkling cider. He said a cute speech (although I don't remember it because I was really ansy the whole time). After I said yes, he pulled out a cake that said "will you marry me?" The whole night was amazing. He went above and beyond and went to so much work. It was such a perfect night and I will never forget it! I am so excited that we are officially engaged now! Now we have to finish all the wedding plans but it will be fun! Here are some pictures of the proposal! heres the dock