Saturday, March 29, 2008


We had a fun first Easter together! I had sharing time in Primary that Sunday so I was a little stressed out. It went pretty good though and I was so happy when it was over. Then I was able to really enjoy our first Easter. We ate dinner at my parents house and Chase helped me make Easters cupcakes. He is really good at licking the beaters and bowl. When he is finished licking everything, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing left. He makes sure of that. It looks like the bowl has already been washed! It amazes me. Dinner was very good. We had a lot of family over at my house. My family keeps getting bigger everyday and I love it! Chase and I hid all the Easter eggs for the grandkids to hunt. It was so fun to see there faces and watch them hunt for the eggs. Dylan and Callie were so excited about it and would run as fast as there little legs would go to the next egg. It was funny. Then we went over the Chase's house for dessert. His family is also really big and so it makes things fun. He played some games of fuzball while I talked with his cousins. His mom gave me some really cute shorts in my Easter basket and I love them. That is a tradition in there family. I guess Easter also means a pair of new shorts for them :) It was such a fun day but I always dread Sundays because it means that Chase leaves for Tucson in the morning. I HATE monday, tuesday, and wednesday of every week now. I miss him so much while he is away at school but only 7 more weeks!!!!!!!!